Aerea, Latin for ethereal, or aerial, was founded April 2016 by owner of Consulon, Ian Burrows.

Each vintage, Ian and his partner, Ann Archer collaborate and inspire one another creating a single wine from a unique Oregon vineyard. This personal endeavor enables them to immerse themselves in the craft and passion of fine wine.

Ian and Ann developed Aerea Vintners as a research-based project to enhance their understanding of farming and winery operations. Single vineyards are selected for their outstanding reputations for farming, for minimal environmental impact, an assurance of varietal character and harmony. Aerea’s wines are naturally fermented, matured in pre-seasoned barrels, hand-bottled and stoppered manually without filtration or fining. Moderate levels of sulfites are added to preserve freshness and ensure stability for extended cellaring. Each component of production at Aerea is considered a step toward a greater understanding of fine wine from the Pacific Northwest.

Wines are available to purchase through this website and shipped to over 30 US States, or locally through Consulon and its specialty retailers, restaurants and resorts.